Real Estate Buyer Leads – How to Generate Them

First-time home buyers provide a great way to build your real estate business and clientele, but you have to find them first. Keep reading to learn several tried and true techniques that will help you generate real estate buyer leads.

Get Into Home Shows

Many first-time home buyers can be found attending home shows as part of their home purchasing process. By purchasing booth space at a home show event, you can be front and center, meeting prospective clients face-to-face and building relationships with them.

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Advertise Near New Housing Developments

A large number of new housing development homes are sold to first-time home buyers. Tap into that potential market by placing your street-level advertising near or on the way to popular housing development sales offices. If your prospective clients are considering a real estate agent to purchase an existing home, your name and number will be right there.

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Network With Lenders

Many first-time home buyers are now opting to become pre-qualified for their financing before they start their search for a home. Because of this, a mortgage lender could be your best lead generator.

By building a relationship with local mortgage lenders, your name will be at the tips of their tongues when they go to recommend a real estate agent to their customers.

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Make First-Time Buyers Your “Specialties”

By specializing or focusing on first-time buyers, you’re creating a niche for yourself and therefore positioning yourself as an expert in the field. This doesn’t mean you have to serve first-time buyers exclusively, but only that they would be the primary focus of your business.

Teach a Seminar or Workshop

Many local lenders and brokers, and even the Department of Housing and Urban Development, offer courses and workshops geared toward first-time home buyers. By volunteering to speak or teach at these seminars, you’ll also be presenting yourself as an expert to a room full of prospective clients who are actively searching for homes.

Host Open Houses

Many first-time home buyers start their house search casually, attending open houses and getting a feel for the market. By hosting your own open houses or agreeing to host open houses for other busier agents, you get a chance to meet these potential buyers.

Generating real estate buyer leads is easy. Simply host open houses, offer to speak at seminars, specialize in buyer services, network with lenders, advertise where it counts and participate in local home shows to demonstrate your expertise.

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